Wanted to buy: One Antistatic bench


Hi all,

It has been a long time since I have been involved with VHS, but I know that many of the antistatic workbenches donated from Nokia went to VHS and its members from the Bunker days (a few went to Science World, which is where I work). Science World is in the market to buy another one of these benches (freestanding; i.e. both columns) so I’m reaching out to see if anyone is willing to part with theirs for the right price (or if VHS can spare one in exchange for an injection of cash).

Please PM me if you have one of these benches and you’d like to negotiate something. I’d hate to have to buy one brand new if there’s already one available locally.



Hey John! Hope things are good with you at Science World. I’ve posted this request in the members channel as well. Hope to see you at VHS some time soon - would be great to see you and catch up.



Irrespective of any decision, would you guys be willing to do a VHS tour of the Science World workshop? That would be a lot of fun to see where the magic happens.


I’d have to check with my manager about a group, but I’ve given shop tours before on an individual basis.


it is a sweet workshop.