VTL Bandsaw -- Needs motor


Can someone help me determine if we have an appropriate motor at the space to fix up VTL’s newly donated bandsaw?

Here are the photos they sent me. I suspect the motor that was previously on the thickness sander might be a good match but I don’t remember what motor mount was available. I believe we are looking for a 1/2 hp motor in the 1750rpm range.

It should be very similar to our bandsaw for reference (theirs is a 28-195C ours is a 28-185)


From spare parts sellers (https://www.ereplacementparts.com/motor-12hp1phbs1d-p-88402.html?osCsid=jtbt9p72o321006u3pqm6khl70), this is a partial motor nameplate rating:

“1348924 Motor 1/​2HP-1PH-BS1D”

So 1750 RPM, 110V AC, 1/2 HP motor should be fine.


yeah; that’s the same specs as the one we used for the thickness sander, my only concern at this point is mounting brackets.


Since it’s a standard NEMA motor frame, the mounting brackets are usually standard as well (unless Delta made special mounting brackets).