Volunteers needed for Culture Crawl 2023

Hey Everyone!

Culture Crawl this year is looking to be huge. We are 3x the number of artists last year and believe it or not - we are in the top 10 for the number of artists on display for the show. This year we have 9 artists presenting their work at VHS and we will be calling on the members of the space to help out where ever and however they can. If you can spend even just a few minutes helping out in any of these areas or want to help out in other ways

The dates for the Show are November 16th - 19th and we’ll have a clean up day planned for the 15th.

There are lots of ways you can help.

  1. Stop by during Culture Crawl. Bring some friends and show them some of the cool things we do at VHS.
  2. Help clean the space on November 15th. It will be an all day cleaning event. Even if you have 30 minutes to spare come help and clean for 30 minutes. If you got 4 hours awesome! Come by early or come by late. Many hands will make this work much easier.
  3. With 9 artists presenting this year we think there will be fewer people needed to give tours but having some people manage the door and keeping count of how many come into the space might be a role needed.
  4. Help promote the space by following, liking, or sharing social media posts put out by the artists about the crawl.
  5. Help decorate the space by doing things like adding lights to our Culture Crawl Sandwich board (thanks @packetbob) or have some keychains to hand out to guests (thanks @Brad)

If you want to help or have questions come join us on slack #culturecrawl


Thank you Phillip for putting out the call,

Adding some things to put this in context, last year we had about 1,800 people come through the space as part of culture crawl, three times the amount of the year before.

This is easily our biggest promotional event of the year.

More members = more money = more cool stuff happening at the space and additional available funds for things like repairs, new tools, and potentially a future expansion to an even bigger hackspace. Also, and more importantly, it means more cool people to hang out with.

And reinforcing Phillip’s point, even before November 15th, lets try to all do little things to help the space, even putting a single lost tool back in its home helps the battle against kipple, the cleaner the space is, the cleaner it stays.


Any thoughts on turning the leopard dungeon into a break area? It would help artists and volunteers have somewhere to take a quiet 10 minute break when needed. We could put snacks and water in there. I suggest this room as it’s like an underground bomb shelter and cuts the noise quite a bit once you’re in there. This is helpful for those of us who find large crowds to be a bit much.

Edit: no worries sounds like front office is the break room which is great! (I thought an artist was in there…carry on)


Sounds great. I will be there volunteering the 15/16th (6pm until a little after 9) and probably also bringing people by on the weekend, as a mere participant


I would love to help but can’t make the first day. I’ll be on a plane coming back from a conference . But the other dates I can definitely come. Cleaning up sounds like a straightforward way to contribute. I’m gonna bring my lab mates and show them how cool VHS is. They are just the kind of people who would enjoy the space.


@kgee @Shrimp Thanks for volunteering! Thursday and Friday are much quieter than on Saturday and Sunday but not to worry you can still take in the culture crawl vibes on those days. Saturday and Sunday will be peak periods so you may have chosen your respective volunteer days wisely.

We can will definitely need help on Saturday and Sunday - this is something i may have left of my initial post - but really help out in any way you can. Also if you are new to the space it’s almost a guarantee you will get all the vouches you need to become a keyholder by helping out over this weekend as many of the artists will be able to vouch for you.

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Bumping this thread. Culture Crawl starts next week Thursday.

Come and help support 10 VHS member artists represent!



Hey Phillip, I can help on Saturday and Sunday. Just let me know what time each day that you need it the most.


any time you can come down on the weekend is a good time. our busiest days are Saturday and Sunday. but the first hour or two are a bit slower. things pick up after lunch

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I can help on Friday and Sunday. Looks like you guys might need more help Sunday?


Do we have a volunteer sign-up sheet anywhere? Even a Google sheet would be great.

I’m generally hesitant to sign up for a specific time slot because of my irregular schedule, but I’ll probably be around for some of the Crawl and I’m happy to give tours n stuff while I’m there.

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