Volunteer Op - Build events at Microsoft and Electronic Arts

Hi VHS friends,

Makers Making Change has a huge build event coming up on July 25th with Electronic Arts, where we will be building 150 access devices. They are all switches, and some range from simple (a button in a 3d print) to more complicated - resistive touch on a board. A lot of these are projects that have been developed by @JDMc and @DerrickA4mag, plus a couple more.

These are all likely things that are no sweat for VHSers, but the people at EA will come with a variety of skill levels. I’m recruiting mentors to help people that are likely to be learning to solder.

The big event is July 25, 12 - 4 pm, at the Electronic Arts main Burnaby Campus:

We are going to dry run the event at Microsoft Garage (7th floor, Granville and Georgia) on July 23rd from 4-6 pm.

My ideal world is people can learn how to do it at Microsoft on the Tuesday, then help the larger army to build it on the 25th.

If you are able to help at EA, once again, for each VHS member I’ll donate $30 to VHS.

Stay amazing friends!


Edit: Just to be clear, if you can make it, click those links and book a seat!

@Rob_MacKenzie you have to make every device. :wink:


Also paging @RobertButterworth. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Damn I really really wish i could check out the microsoft garage, but alas, i don’t think i can take any more time of work.
maybe page @Lantana? Jonathan works at Microsoft.

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Aww man, can’t make this one. Me and Jonathon are going to be in Toronto July 25th. Bummer. But this will definitely be interesting for Microsoft peeps.


Small bump. Any help appreciated, as it looks like the MS people wont be able to serve as mentors at E-A due to it also overlapping with the end of their “One Week” hackathon.

Here is link to help “learn to solder” at E-A:

Again, for each VHSer I will donate $30 to the space. :money_mouth_face:

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I just signed up!!!