Volunteer Call: BCTECH Summit Learn to Solder / Make a Switch Event


A couple of weeks ago, Makers Making Change ran a “Toy Hack” event, which made some toys accessible by adding an alternate switch port via 3.5 mm jack. That in part, was to help us prep for an event we have on March 12 at the BC TECH Summit, where I’ll be having 120 youth making 120 switches in just over an hour.

I suspect for many, it will be their first time soldering. It is 2 wires (jack to switch) and some mechanical assembly, so not super complex stuff, but a crazy time crunch and just the logistics of that many people going at once.

I am able to bring in volunteers to help me pull it off. Between my staff, some “volun-told students,” and some Microsoft people, I’m getting close, but really a few extra skilled hands that could help teach soldering, and just help with event setup and tear down, would set my heart at ease, as well as the Convention Centre.

I get access to the space at noon on Tuesday, March 12, event is 1-2:30 with groups of 6 having components to make 6 but sharing tools. We’ll have the toys to test the switches on, as well as Microsoft will be bringing a bunch of XBOXs and Adaptive controllers so people can game with their switch.

For every VHSer that can volunteer 12-3pm on March 12, I’ll donate $30 to VHS. Truth is you’ll likely need to get there a little early to get your badge.

Sign up here if interested and available (will provide to BCTECH so you can get your badge to get in).


i would love to! just need to figure out scheduling at work.


Updated the title for clarity


Sounds fun! I submitted my info.