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For those that don’t know me, my name is Tyson. I was a member quite a while back, and after an awesome tour of the new space by @Metal_Janet I’m going to join again once I work through some health issues. Anyway, I’ve been involved in another non-profit called Vancouver New Music ( It’s a professional organization that puts on shows of an experimental nature. VNM and VHS have collaborated in the past a few times (APC kit workshops, some circuit bending, etc). We have some really interesting performances coming up, and myself and the artistic director Girogio Magnanesi would really love to perhaps have some sort of cross-pollination happen. Particularly, with Martin Howse coming to town next April (see below). But I’d also like to foster a closer relationship in general. I’m not totally sure what that would look like yet, but we’re pretty open! Anyway, I guess the first step is to see if the membership and BOD are interested. If so, maybe we could identify a single point of contact for further communication?


-micro research/xxxxx - Martin Howse

Martin Howse — V2_Lab for the Unstable Media

Martin Howse is occupied with an artistic investigation of the links between the earth (geophysical phenomena), software and the human psyche (psychogeophysics), proposing a return to animism within a critical misuse of scientific technology. Through the construction of experimental situations (within process-driven performance, laboratories, walks and workshops), material art works and texts, Howse explores the links between substance or materials and execution or protocol, excavating issues of visibility and of hiding within the world. For the last ten years he has collaborated on numerous open-laboratory style projects and performed, published, lectured and exhibited diversely. He is equally the creator of the skin-driven audio divination module, a.k.a. The Dark Interpreter. [1]

In 1998, Howse founded the ap project in 1998 to implement a truly artistic operating system (OS) in its most expanded sense. ap projects have included the ap02 distributed code-creation software developed in collaboration with V2_ lab, Rotterdam and an environmental computational work, entitled ap0201, installed deep within the Mojave desert which received first prize within the Art & Artificial Life competition VIDA 8.0, 2005. In 2005 ap were responsible for the crash seminar and performances in London (ICA and Shoreditch Town Hall).

In 2006, Howse co-founded xxxxx with Jonathan Kemp, organising one large-scale conference and concert series in London (xxxxx) and publishing the xxxxx reader.

From 2007 to 2009 he has hosted a regular workshop, micro-residency and salon series in Berlin, most recently under the banner of micro-research.


Thanks Tyson, sounds great. Sorry I didn’t get to this earlier.

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