VIVO Media Arts got robbed and can use some help


From the GoFundMe:

On Saturday morning, May 13th, VIVO Media Arts Centre was robbed. Thieves broke through the front door and raided the main office and digitization hub of office computers, storage hardware and other equipment. After years of hard work and investment from staff, members, volunteers, and our funders and donors to make the Kaslo space our home and a centre for community activity, we’re disheartened by the material and immaterial costs and the work ahead of us to restore what was lost. Staff and volunteers are working hard to reestablish all data and systems, and to make our space more safe and secure in the future. Some of our operations are limited as a result, and we ask for your patience as we get things back to normal.


I suggest we weld up some bars for their windows, save them some cash there. It would be fun to practice MIG.


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