Vinyl instead of laser engraving ideas

Ive used the heat transfer vinyl for bigger things but I’m wondering if anyone has experience with small items.
Specially a zippo.

I was thinking of trying of molylube on the laser, but it seems that’s not an option.

It looks like htv works on metal, but does it stick as well as cloth?
And how is the detail when it gets that small?

How come. Moly lube is not an option?

Well, cermark apparently is better, but also I don’t have any experience doing it and the laser is iffy right now

I highly recommend cermark or laserbond. good stuff. if you want some tips I can show you what works for me when I do it.

…once the laser is back up and running :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I haven’t been in in months and was so sad when I heard the laser wasn’t working.

Oh man, any advice would be fantastic thanks


I keep meaning to find/post the pictures of the piece I did using dry moly in like, 2017.

It was floating around the display cabinets for a few years, but I haven’t seen it recently.

(Laser is working great now. Get permission from the LCC)

I ended up getting a costed zippo and lasered through it to the brass

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