Vinyl cutting Tshirt making Sunday

Since I am there on Sunday from 12 to 4 anyways, I figure I might as well start a regular themed weekend where I teach something I know about how to do something at the hackspace.

So this Sunday July 26th, I am being in my heat press and a stack of black Tshirts. I will be going over the basics of how to use inkscape to design, cut those designs on the vinyl cutter and how to heat press them on to Tshirts. The process is surprisingly easy and creative. This will not be something formal, more like a themed hangout.

So if you have taken the workshop before, or are completely new, I will be there to answer all of your questions. So join me on Sunday and lets get making

No cost to attend, but Tshirts are 10 dollars each to cover the material cost. Limit of 10 people at a time Ofcourse. So RSVP here, just so we get a feel for how many peoples are coming.

I hope make this a regular thing where I share some aspect of the Hackspace I have figured out. And hopefully, this will inspire people to teach me stuff, cause if you teach something to me, I will spread it to everyone.

The week after I will do a basics of 3D printing.


I’ll be there on Sunday. I’d love to take part

Ooh, I really want to learn this.