Vinyl Cutter for VHS Tilt Campaign Here

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Too short, must read: I’ve been trying to save up for a VHS Vinyl cutter and it’s taking too long. People ask “where is the Tilt campaign?” Here! It’s right here. I don’t really believe anyone’s still reading, so here’s a story. One time I tried to rescue a ground hog from a tree. Ground hogs don’t belong in trees, I said to myself. It bit me, ran down my body, ran down the tree, and disappeared in a hole in the ground. My hand bleeding profusely, I tried to climb back on my bike to go home and get bandaged. How do you climb on a bike? Coz I do it by putting one hand on the handlebars and one on the seat. That’s right, I got blood all over the seat. Nice one, Dan. Ended up walking it home. I was kinda woozy, but in the end I didn’t need a shot or even a stitch. I guess alls well that ends well. Anyways, vinyl cutter. Go donate, because to hell with ground hogs.

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Poor ground hog, did it get antibiotics to deal with the infection from the bite? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Thanks for starting the tilt Dan

What would we use the vinyl cutter for?

I don’t personally have any use for one (that I know of), but some example
use cases might convince me or others otherwise.

My ignorance aside, I think this is an excellent idea, and I think VHS
should kick in some money, too.

For context: I don’t know if Dan is coming at it from this angle, but the
fine people at MakerLabs were asked “What tool gets used most often that
you wouldn’t expect?”

The answer was a vinyl cutter. It gets used all the time, people sign up
just for that.

So yeah. Convince me! I want to be convinced.

Ok! check the last one. yeah, ok. ooooh.

I haven’t seen a single example yet of multi-layered, multi-color vinyl. Tho I’m sure it’s doable with the right registration marks…

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I wanted to put a name on my boat - local sign shop charged me $25 for the two vinyl cut letterings.
My wife would also use it to cut fabric.
Custom make decal for the back window of my truck.

Plenty of uses

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YES!!! I’d LOVE to have a cutter in the space!

I’m not sure about the “Clipper” though… Does it function similar to the other craft cutters? Like, willing cut many other materials as well? Will it emboss, engrave and pierce?

I’d be leaning towards the “KNK Zing Air” as is seen in this comparison chart.

it’s capable of cutting just about anything (small enough)
-card Stock
-balsa wood
ect ect ect

it also has many functions such as
-piercing (for sewing leathers)
-drawing(?no clue)

Can the ‘Clipper’ do any of this stuff? I’d really like to discuss which model to get before chipping in. :smile: so stoked tho!!! SOOO many uses!!

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Oh, and in retrospect, if we had a vinyl cutter you totally would never have been bitten by a hedgehog in the first place… So even just for future preventative measures,it should be discussed.

Some things I have made with my die cutter. I like it for paper as it there is no burn residue that will affect any further artwork done with it.

My only recommendation would be to make sure that you get a heavy duty die cutter if you expect this to get a lot of use. The one that I have is a Silver Bullet 24.

The Silhouette Cameo DOES NOT Emboss, Pierce, Engrave or distress, and it also may not have enough force to cut thicker materials. It will also not directly import SVGs. If you do want a die cutter I would recommend the Silver Bullet having used it for almost 3 years.

Check out this comparison charts for die cutters. You’ll need to scroll right in the tables to see all the cutters.

Paper models from Blender



Some general paper cuts

Vinyl T-Shirt Decals

Paper cut and plastic stencils.


Wow! Yes, I want. Mm mm… It’s soo dreamy… Too bad the SB24 is over 1000$ USD… :confounded: @Majicj, you are such a tease.

OK, I’m down for one hellava BAKE SALE! Who’s with me!

One thing I did notice is that there appears to be a lot of die cutter clones available on Alibaba for approx $250 or so. These look like unbranded versions of commercial models available. Ie Roland , Silver Bullet, etc. perhaps someone with Alibaba connections could investigate a purchase?

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Thanks for starting this Dan. I threw down $20.

We are now over the half-way point to tilting this project. Where is a good place for the vinyl cutter to live? above the sewing machines? next to the 3d printers?

What are people’s thoughts about the unbranded ones posted above? Too much risk? One ‘appears’ to be the largest Silver Bullet brand for only 335$! It has a max cutting strength of 1250grams as opposed to “The Clipper” with only 250grams. It also can cut the same width with unlimited length.

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Unbranded, unwarranted model for a few bucks less? Not convinced that’s worth it.

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Gonna bump this for more support! Even $20 will go a long way if we get 10 people. Members: Consider getting in on it!

I’m not sold on the Cameo Cutter. I know it mainly as a craft cutter, not something professional. What made you choose that one?

Price point, availability, warranty, english instructions, wide adoption, space at the space. not in that order.

@BZC what other options are there at this price point? (Assuming we reach the tilt)

Somehow I missed the part about the Clipper when scanning over the campaign this morning. Derp derp derp. I’d be much more interested in a larger cutter.

US Cutter has a comparable product with a one year warranty.