Vigilante social justice opportunity... fans for seniors who have had their window-mounted air-conditioners confiscated

Hey everybody…

It has come to my attention that there are some folks in our neighbourhood who could use some help fighting the summer heat. These are vulnerable individuals, including seniors and persons with disabilities, who live in the social housing around the corner from VHS whose window-mounted a/c units were confiscated in order to bring the building into compliance with new COV bylaws that prohibit such units. (never mind that in the June 2021 heat wave, 619 British Columbians died of heat-related illness, most of them seniors. There isn’t a Picard face palm big enough for this, folks.)

By a bit of good luck and a lot of good communication, we can help to put a dent in this stupid problem with a relatively small amount of volunteer effort. The Amazon donation program can potentially get us an additional 15 or so fans that are in need of switch replacements, and there’s a Hack Spacer who lives in the building who can make sure the fans get where they’re needed.

How can you help?

1: come fix a fan or two! It’s a fairly easy repair to change the switch out for a new one, and for those who aren’t comfortable just jumping in, we’ll be arranging a Switch-and-Bitch (I hear your groan) once we get parts in, watch this space.

2: if you are aware of any a/c units that are in good working order but need to be re-homed, let me know and I’ll get it where it needs to go. This can include window-mounted units, which we can hack into hose-type if we need to.

3: if you know people in politics or public health who might be interested in addressing this issue, send them my way.

Edited to add, because I entirely missed the forest for the trees, a big thank-you and much credit to @JohnC for flagging these as a potential VHS project, sourcing the correct replacement part, and working to hunt down extra fans to make this happen.


There’s a window mounted a/c unit in the upstairs office at VHS that came in a recent donation - it should definitely go to this if it can be made useful!


I have ordered some more replacement switches in preparation for this.


How many fans have we donated so far?

So far two.

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Are all the fans on/around the main project table part of this collection? Are those ones still in need of switch replacements?

Yeah. An easy way to tell which fans have been repaired is to look inside and see if there’s a green switch. If it has a red switch or any other color then that’s the old broken switch.


We have lots of repaired fans. How do we get these into the hands of the seniors who need them?

Perhaps we might also consider donating a few fans to other non profit social organizations? Kickstand is near Venables and Clark Dr.


Sorry, I’ve kinda dropped out of the world dealing with some health stuff. I’ll talk to Crystal and find out who we can give these to, but in the mean time if there are some other non-profits that could take a few, I’d say go for it.


Bump. We still have 3 extra fans.

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