VHS Work Availability Signup


Hi hackers,

With the VHS move rapidly approaching, there is lots of work to be done both in packing up Cook St and preparing the new Venables location.

I put together a Doodle to help with coordination. If you are available to help with the transition, please add your name and click the blocks of time that you are available. This will really help folks coordinating work parties, and to pick the date of our official move out.

Note that if you click the “Calendar” format instead of “Table” that it’s a lot easier to see individual days and times.



Do we want to have the cancelled “open nights” be “pack and clean nights”? I have a lot of travel this month, and trying to still be a present Dad. but want to help, so if next Tuesday is a night with a clear “lets get these three things done,” then awesome.


Hi all,

Thanks to the folks who have signed up indicating when they can help!

@Logan_Buchy @chadleaman @Semanticsdavid @Davonna @Arrgh @imsofluffy @xquared

It looks like there is a concentration of available time around this coming weekend, which is when the VHS Packing Party is happening!

Folk who are working hard at Cook and Venables, check out the Doodle and see if you can recruit these fine people!

@SteveRoy @Jade @Rob_MacKenzie @Janet @Lantana @TyIsI