VHS-VMMF 2017 Call for Volunteers


Hey everyone!

As the discussion about the kits has already come into full effect, the only thing that’s missing is another very important component: YOU!

VHS needs you! To run the information booth, to be an ambassador, to help out at the soldering booth, or maybe even that helping hand to save the day! Aka, we need someone like you!

The dates: Saturday 10 & Sunday 11 of June, 2017
The operating hours: Between 10am and 6pm
The work:

  • Running the information booth
  • Running the soldering booth (providing information and/or helping our visitors with soldering)
  • Preparing the soldering kits
  • Help pack
  • Buildup
  • Tear down
  • Help unpack
  • Angels (people who can help with any of last minute arrangements)

If we have comped tickets available, preference will be given to those who are scheduled the most.

Thanks in advance!


i can help out, been waiting on volunteer info actually


Thanks Ty, I’m in for some bits and pieces.

It’s 10am to 6pm.




im getting excited! all my info is in!!


VMMF is a month away and VHS needs you!




Looks like we need a few more people.

I was on the fence last year for solder instructor, but I ended up having a blast! I don’t even like kids!


@Lukeo @Logan_Buchy @Jade @Rob_MacKenzie


Would but I have a family reunion in the prairies that weekend


Just bumping this. This is a super-fun event and a great way to help us attract new members. I’ve done this for several years and not only do you get the satisfaction of teaching people to solder, you get to have a blast with other members, and see what else people are up to at Maker Faire. You don’t need to volunteer for the whole day or weekend.


Posters !!!

I got one of my 17" printers finally running. I can print some posters for VMMF if needed. up to 17" x 36"


I’m working at the Faire this year, and have some free tickets to give away. For anyone who volunteers to help run the VHS booth(s), I’ll put their name in for 2 tickets ($30 value) for friends or family to attend (VHS booth volunteers get free admission)

To be eligible, sign up through the link above no later than June 3rd.


Thank you @JDMc! We also still need to reach out to VMMF to coordinate for our maker crew, because reasons.


The RNG has chosen @SteveRoy from the list of those that volunteered to help with Maker Faire to receive two extra tickets.

Big thanks to everyone who has committed to help run the VHS booth!


I can help at the information booth on Sunday. Is there a specific thread I need to reply to or do I need to PM someone directly?


Is there a scheduled work sheet?

I can volunteer for the soldering Sunday afternoon until closing.

PM me if you need me Friday night or Saturday Morning for a couple hours.


Okay, just saw the google doc link in this thread, but couldn’t access it. I’ll try again.


Volunteer registration is open again.

Note: we don’t have any maker crew spots left.