VHS Outreach: Request for loan of vacuum pump for PNE Exhibit


Hi all,

A colleague of mine is doing a installation of a milking machine at the PNE on August 20th for two weeks.

The installation will not involve actual milking nor any liquids. The machine would be made available to switch on intermittently for kids to see how it works.

My colleague is requesting to borrow the grey GAST vacuum pump that’s been sitting on a shelf near the casting area.

We would get credit for the loan, with a notice near the exhibit stating something like “Hardware provided by the Vancouver Hackspace” with a url.

I believe this is a good chance for passive outreach to the broader community. Does anyone object to us loaning out the pump for a few weeks?


Given that this is currently a part, and not a tool that members have been able to use, I’d personally vote for ‘yes’ on this one. There’s low risk, and great reward. (Unless I’m wrong about the current state).

I’d like to include that we assume no liability and give no assurance as to the state of the pump.

Lastly, I’d recommend that instead of a link, he keep a stack of our stickers if that isn’t too invasive. Our stickers are ‘sticker’ than a url written on a sign. (and less likely to become a google search).


This is a good event for outreach, good to lend the pump.
And any of the VHS posters will be allowed to be displayed: “Eat, Sleep Make, Repeat”?


Requisition cancelled.

They decided that a Shop Vac will be adequate for their purpose.

Also less likely to suck the eyeballs out of the skulls of errant schoolchildren.

Thanks everyone for your thoughts.


that mental image is great though