VHS is getting ready to move!


Good morning everybody!

It’s now official! We’re going into shutdown to move! In just a few weeks time, we will actually be moved into our new space! Exciting stuff!

The timeline will be as follows:

  • January 12/13: packing/teardown
  • January 19/20: moving
  • January 26/27: final setup in the new space!

To make everything go smoothly, help will be appreciated on those weekend, but of course any time there are people at the current space, any help is always welcomed!
We will also need volunteer keyholders to cover that weekend.

Please note that the current space will not be open to work on projects.

However, we will have two events at the new space:

  • Woodworking demo on January 17th
  • "Low cost DIY analytical devices using sensor circuits and analytical methods for testing water quality, food contamination, biohacking and more! " on January 18th

Both will be excellent opportunities to check out the new space before the move!

For current members that have totes, to make life easier on everyone, please take your totes home! You will be able to bring your tote in when we’ve moved into the new space!

Also feel free to reach out if you would like to help get the new space ready!

See you soon!