VHS IRC and Slack

If you been on VHS’s IRC recently you will notice that its very quiet these days. Thats because most of the movers and shakers have moved to a VHS install of slack.

Slack got introduced during the most recent space hunt and move. We needed a way of communicating where we could share files and send push notifications to people that were not online. That combined with the integration in to http://vancouver.craigslist.ca/, and http://spacelist.ca/ for pushing ads to us made it an obvious choice.

We intended to shut down slack after we were done with the move, and migrate back to IRC. But our experience with Slack has been exceptional, its a really good service. It does most things we need much better than IRC. Its great for committees, sub groups, and ongoing projects.

One of the only drawbacks that we have found so far is the inability to allow guests to visit the VHS slack install without being explicitly invited. On IRC, users could join and leave anytime they wanted and the OPs could ban them if they became a problem. With slack you have to be invited by an admin.

You have a option to join the Slack if you want.

“Get Involved” page at http://membership.vanhack.ca
Direct link: https://vanhack.slack.com/

Its not a requirement (like we could make you do anything) and we are not shutting down the IRC channel (The internet doesn’t work that way – @TyIsI)

Questions, Comments, Suggestions?

I’m already running an IRC client, so joining the IRC channel is frictionless. I don’t think I need yet another single-purpose web application tab.

Maybe Slack can be integrated with IRC? https://github.com/jimmyhillis/slack-irc-plugin

Slack already appears to support connecting to slack from IRC. Any chance we can enable this? (@funvill: the setting enablement should be under https://my.slack.com/admin/settings)

I don’t mind slack, but I’m much more reachable through IRC

It appears that slack gives everyone a different connection information to each user, so you will still need to create an account with Slack and then get it to generate you your unique connection information. No two users can use the same connection info

When we get the door api working consistently we could update the API to post to Slack when VHS opens and closes :slight_smile:

I :heart: slack.


Is the slack URL now listed on the VHS main website ?

Joining requires an invite, so not sure there’s a reason to list on the website - you have to come on talk to get added.

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This was added during the last SHHH, btw, which is actually quite hilarious

PS - as requested by funvill, I can report the IRC integration works fine.

I’ve got irssi connected to it just like any other chatnet, and it is pretty much the same as regular IRC with a few minor changes.

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Do you know who I contact to receive an invitation to the Slack channel?

@TyIsI ? ^

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Hey @ALPHA, you can automatically request access through Nomos, our membership management software. It is found at http://membership.vanhack.ca/#/getinvolved/

Click on the “Get Involved” tab and put in your email to request an invite to slack.

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Hi Logan!

When I first registered my membership, I received an automated message:
“Our membership software, Nomos, has automatically created your account. Click here to reset your password.”
When I clicked on that link to reset my password, I received a notification: “Invalid token.”
When I tried to sign in with the link you provided, I received a notification: “You need to verify your email address.”

Can you advise on next steps?


Hey @ALPHA, hmmm I’m not quite sure about that. I think @laftho and @Jarrett know the guts of this system. If you PM me your email address, I can invite you to slack (just found out I have that power… mwhahaha)

Note that the login for membership.vanhack.ca is likely your PayPal-associated email address, not necessarily your Talk email address.


how do I get invitation to the Slack? membership.vanhack.ca url doesn’t work.




We are losing our domain.

We are currently trying to update everything to work.

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http://membership.vanhack.ca/ should now be up and available for service!


Thanks, seems to work now. Was able to get invite to Slack and now I’m in Slack… where all the coool people are…