VHS Equipment Review - Unused LED Light Strips


These have been hanging around since the Bunker days. They’ve been confined to a corner in the lounge since we moved. Keep or Toss?

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Are those white leds?


I think they’re multi-coloured, but I’ve never seen them powered on.


I believe they are white LEDs meant for bench lighting. @TomKeddie may know more.

They are mounted to aluminum bars for heat sinking. If they are haven’t gone too dim over the years, these should simply be mounted over the soldering benches instead of the mish mash of smaller dim strips that are currently there.


@rsim and I bought these in Shenzhen for vhs to light the benches. No comment on their future, they were fairly cheap but the shipping was expensive.


Bumping this thread due to upcoming developments.

Since we’re planning on moving within the next few months, is this still something we want to haul to our new location?


There were seven votes to keep so I am going to say yes we want to haul these to the new location.


yeah we might need more lighting options at the new space