VHS Equipment Review - Space Heaters


Found 2 unused space heaters. I’ve tested them and they both work. Do we want to keep or toss them?

  • Keep
  • Toss
  • Keep one, toss other

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fire hazard.


Can we use them in a loging area? Especially when you grinding, painting, possibly welding for a while there it gets cold…


You mean the loading dock? I don’t think there are any outlets there, and you don’t want to use a space heater with a long extension cord.


Has it EVER been cold at VHS? Even the loading dock stays warm even through winter.
Toss em, we’re exothermic.


IFF we are tossing them, my wife is ALWAYS complaining about being cold AND I can use a heated box for curing resin in the colder months. I’d take them (one or both) And this time, they actually fit in my car and won’t sit there for months…


Wouldn’t be surprised if they migrated here from the bunker. That place was like a fridge in winter.