VHS Equipment Review Project - Spare PCs


I’ve taken an inventory of all the unused PCs lying around the space. The aim is to remove or re-purpose these idle machines. Choices are Keep or Toss, with tossed items being offered for the yard sale.

Several machines have names on them. If you see a machine that is yours please claim it.


Is there something in here that can be used for an official hot-spare system?

And/or perhaps something to replace the mac-mini for the 3d printer station with?


So I tried to copy and paste from another thread, but got called a bot. W00t!

If computer hardware is being tossed, I can work as a middle man to non-profits that reuse technology to help people with disabilities, students, non-profits, low income households, etc. Technology for social good is basically my entire career / volunteer life, and computers for people that need them is the sweet spot I’m at.

If $VHS == “CAN USE”; great;
else if $VHS == “CAN SELL”; good stuff;
else if $VHS == “NO WANT COMPUTER”; give to Chad to help someone else;


Thanks, ChadBot!


The Optiplex 780 is relatively new, so it could be our new spare Laser PC.

The P4 systems are mostly in poor shape. The Mac Mini dates from 2005, and is a PowerPC model so I don’t know if it can even run modern Apple software.


I brought the Optiplex 780 down probably 2 years ago. Either toma or funvill were going to do something with it. It was running for a while, I think toma did something with it.


@Variable we would be very grateful for another laser PC “cold spare”. The requirements are: reasonably large disk storage, two ethernet NICs, windows license. If you build one please label it profusely and put it back behind the laser cutter.


Four of those PCs are already in the other equipment thread.

As far as I am concerned, they can either go to @chadleaman or to freegeek, as long as they go by Saturday.


The consensus seems to be:

PC Status
Dell Optiplex 780 Keep for backup laser pc
Dell Optiplex 745 Keep and install Windows XP for legacy needs
P4 towers Taken by @chadleaman
Apple MacMini Toss
P4 desktop Toss


I have taken the Dell Optiplex 745 as a replacement for the Sherline PC which just died. For this purpose we need a PC with parallel port, so this one was perfect. This is reversible if that was the wrong decision.