VHS Equipment Review Project - Miscellaneous


Continuing the inventory. Some spare parts of questionable value. Vote to Keep or Toss.


I like to cut these up and hardwire them into projects. Vote keep all, good to use as consumables.

I like to cut these up and use them in projects :slight_smile:
Actually @Logan_Buchy and I went through the metal scraps in ~Octoberish and removed a ton of stuff, only keeping the fairly high quality metal scraps.
Those tripod legs look like garbage though.


The old cell phone batteries are still usable, and I’ve used them for a number of projects. Please keep.


Definitely, keep the universal plug power bar.

It can be used by practically every plug in the world.


If phone batteries go up to auction, let me know when. Or will share with masses, if the masses want them.


Agreed keep the USB cables, metal, and batteries for hacking.


smash that travel adapter, they just have a big resistor in them afaik, only works for a small range of current consumption.


Is there a safety issue with having so many of them packed in those containers? Could someone familiar with Li-Ions help clarify this?

Also, they are almost 10 years old, and I’ve heard that Li-Ions don’t age well.


Note that the plug end is a UK plug, so you’d need an adapter for the adapter.

We already have several single-plug universal adapters.


Good question, the answer is yes. Batteries, like many modern products, come with safety concerns. Such products need to be handled in a responsible manner. These batteries are being stored in a nearly discharged state, which means their chemical energy level (thus potential for fire) is at their lowest point. The biggest risks come with overcharging, overheating and physical damage. While there will alway be a small level of danger from these, I currently worry more about the flammable liquids in our paint locker.


There are over 100 of the cell phone batteries. Do we need that many? Why not let @chadleaman take 2/3 or 3/4 of them?


The Blue Bin metal & misc. parts (sliders, etc.) can be used in the Injection Molder. Since these are already sorted ones, let’s keep them.


I would also like to see the batteries kept. They are very good quaLITY AND i use them often in projects. In the last year the pile has gone down alot from members using them for projects.


Yes i would also like to have them or share ect


The consensus appears to be:

Equipment Status
Scrap metal Keep, but toss tripod
Li-Ion batteries Keep
Xmas lights Toss
USB extensions Keep
Voltage converter & powerbar Toss