VHS Equipment Review Project - Admin Desk


Continuing the inventory. Several items near the admin desk are unused. Vote to Keep or Toss.


Are there still forms in that box?


Don’t know. I didn’t open it.


Recycle the label maker as long as it is not just a low battery issue.


The label maker and its cartridges would be incredibly useful when making wiring connections to the Scorbot or any wiring harnesses. Vote to keep it.


This one seems broken, and they’re not very expensive when new! It also doesn’t have any tape, so this doesn’t seem very useful right now. For the Scorbot, I am happy to write out numbers on Scotch tape, this works very well.

Can I change your vote to recycle?


I have a broken one, let’s see if its cartridge works on this one. If not recycle (or if anyone wants to hack).


Keep in mind we have a much better label printer connected to the Solidworks PC.


I have the cartridge to test it (somewhere); don’t worry, if it doesn’t work, I will recycle it at The Hackery or Freegeek.


The label maker works as far as i know. Just needs a cartridge. Very useful please KEEP!!!


Is there anything the label maker does that the label printer doesn’t?