VHS Equipment Review - Part Five (Boiler room area)


If a decision is made to retire the tools that have ??? sign:
I can take/hack the Dewalt Cordless Drill and Mastercraft 4.5” Angle Grinder and Powerfist Dremel (to see if Scorbot can grip them).

Pt. Roberts HAM Radio Club & Hackspace would be pleased with the Jobmate 7.25” Circular Saw, Light Drill Press, Milwaukee Drill & Black & Decker Corded Drill.


Although I would say to keep the bearings, I have no planned use for them; I just like making tools/machines/jigs.

If @Majicj has a good use for them, I’m all for it.


Also, I don’t quite see it on the list (missed it) but please keep the motors and that aluminum face plate.


I would keep any power tools including jig saw, grinders, dreamel, circular saw. Have a spare tool never hurt. For example we have 3 Dreamel tools and Mastercraft is broken. So if you wanna free up some space this is a good candidate. Personally used yellow dreamel, angle and bench grinders myself. And what kind of metalpresses we have? I would keep those.

My opinion is it’s easy to get rid of the spare tools then buy a new ones. If tomorrow one of the tools we have in double quantity will break, will VHS buy a new one right away? Or some member who need it the most has to step up and do it? I would ask to think about it.


Okay, spent a number of hours cleaning out the boiler room area. I hauled out several garbage cans of wood and plastic offcuts. Special thanks to @mike for helping sort the wood, and @Dmo for looking at the scrap metal.

The area by the boiler room door is now designated a TidySpace Walkway (https://vanhack.ca/doku.php?id=policies:tidy-space). Please don’t store any materials there as they will be moved.

Everything with a name on it or that looked like a completed project went into Member Storage.

Please check the photos and retrieve your stuff.

Box with bearings for @Majicj

Wood for @Daniel_DeGagne

Wood for @TyIsI

Mystery Project One (bottle storage)

Mystery Project Two (cutting board)

Wood for @hectorh

Steel tube for @SeanPo

Wood for Dasha (unknown user name on talk)

Metal for @CHO

Pieces of Mac case for @Daniel_DeGagne


By the way, this is what it looks like now:


Has any decision been made on the items with ??? mark besides them?


Case isn’t mind. Says Daniel G