VHS Equipment Review : Lonely 3D Printer - Keep for VHS


Currently sitting on the floor collecting dust.

I don’t know what make/model this is. Apparently uses the larger filament than what is now popular? @SteveRoy or @KevMacD may know more about this

Keep it , bin it, sell on eBay, start up a new VHS Museum, claim it?


Yeah, I think it’s the new Prusa that they’ve been building


Is this the metal Prusa (template one)?


It was donated a couple of months ago.
Keep it - it will be used.


Let’s keep it as a Hacking Sample on which members can install “custom print heads” such as for printing pottery clay, etc.


That looks like a NopHead original Mendel90. Solid printer. Did this come
from Ashley?


Yes, Ashley donated it.

I don’t think this should be hacked. The plywood frame Prusa i3 is hackable providing there is prior notice of the intent.



That printer isn’t as easy to hack as the plywood mendel as that printer has a different driver board.


@SteveRoy - I am assuming that you are the Champion for this.

Could you document this 3D printer somewhere on the Tools wiki?