VHS Equipment Review - Intertan power supply/ converter - GONE


Apparently allows european devices to be run from North American power outlets.

@DerrickA4mag can explain this better.

Keep it , bin it, sell on eBay, start up a new VHS Museum, claim it?

European Connector

VHS Equipment Review Project - Part Deux

We can use it for non North American equipment.


Can confirm this is a transformer type power converter to allow the the use of European 230-240 equipment in North American 110-120v outlets. Load may draw up to 250 Watts. Note that motorized equipment or equipment sensitive to line frequency may operate slightly faster (or incorrectly) due to our higher line frequency (60 Hz instead of 50). Also note that much travel equipment is dual voltage these days, so converters like this are rarely needed.


I’ll take it, if the Space isn’t keeping it.
BTW, if I’m not mistaken, InterTan is Tandy/Radioshack.


I vote give it away


We had a 120->240 transformer for the laser cutter back when it was in the bunker. Do we still have that lying around? If so we can use that in place of this one.


Keep in mind that these “adapter” units are usually auto-transformer, i.e., they offer no isolation per se. As long as you know that and use it as its creator intended, no problem. This said, they will hold a fairly heavy door open even when unplugged… :wink:


I’d be interested in it but it’s probably really heavy. It maybe be useful to keep at the space. I noticed the cheaper high power uv lamps are 220v only. I recall a thread about rainwater collection. Uv is used for all kinds of sanitation and photochemistry applications. It could also be the isolation transformer (now all that’s needed are 220v scopes ).


Right. So NOT isolating. Does that apply to the newer switchmode types as well?


Hmmm, I am not aware that there are multivoltage travel adapters using switchmode technologies. Would the manufacturing economics allow such a product? Do you have a model number/manufacturer in mind?


Singway 100 watt travel converter…is the one in my shopping cart right now. I’m just assuming it’s switchmode just because ironcore transformers I’ve seen are pretty bulky and this seems pretty compact. Maybe its ferrite? But it’s about $10…is that expensive?
My guess, fwiw, is that they are isolating now because of a realization that grounding is actually not safe at all.


So, for this specific piece of equipment I don’t see any value here.

Let’s get rid of it.


I think we have 5 votes for “get rid of” and 1 vote to keep.

@mirong, are you able to pick it up before July 21st (two weeks from today)?


I should be able to. Just have to find a good time when someone is at the Space (next two Tue PM’s don’t work for me).


We have two other similar auto transformers (one that I donated) that have more options for adapting between 110, 120, 220, 240 in both directions.

This one looks like it only goes one direction. Toss.


This has been picked up by @mirong today. Thanks!


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