VHS Equipment Review: HP8591A 9khz - 1.8Ghz Spectrum Analyser, Keep for VHS


HP8591A 9khz - 1.8Ghz Spectrum Analyser

700 Euro Ebay Listing

PDF Manual from 1990

Keep it , bin it, sell on eBay, start up a new VHS Museum, claim it?


This is one of the most essential instruments for RF work (HAM), so keep it, along with its fixtures and accessories.


I’d recommend we keep this one, it’s the only gear I’ve seen so far in this
list that doesn’t have a newer, better, dirt-cheap version available.


Let’s collect all its accessories as well, some seem to be floating around in odd places.
This is a Hammie’s dream tool!


Keep. I hope someone could make a wiki page with some links or pointers in to use this.


Seems like this one is a keeper then.

As previously discussed can one of @lukecyca @Rebel_without_Clause @Jarrett please document this in the VHS Wiki - Tools Section.

You can use this wiki page as a template

Feel free to use the above photos on the Wiki



I will document this one.


I donated this, it comes with no requirements to keep it from my point of view (for future reference if not this time).