VHS Equipment Review: Advance RF Signal Generator - Type B4A - Keep For VHS


Advance RF Signal Generator - Type B4A - Circa 1966

This baby uses tubes!

[Radio Museum Link](http://www.radiomuseum.org/r/advance_in_signal_generator_b4ab_4.html

Keep it , bin it, sell on eBay, start up a new VHS Museum, claim it?


This signal source can complement the 8591 Spectrum Analyzer for RF testing.


Hence keep it.


This was made probably 25 years before most members were born


Without an RF chamber, I’m not sure if this is really useful for any member projects at this time though. I’ve seen someone on Craigslist post about looking for vintage equipment. I’ll see what I can come up with.


Non Electromagnetic Compliance experiments can still be performed using this one without need for RF chamber. May be we can have a RF chamber as well (need graphite rubber cones and isolated transformers)?


If there’s one item we keep based on how cool it looks, let’s make it this one.


No clear definitive lets get rid of it on this. So I’m going to go with keep for now cause it looks so cool :slight_smile:


Just chiming in on this things history, this came from the RF bench at Kitsilano Highschool in Vancouver. Sadly the school’s electronics shop was closed in 2004 when the last electronics teacher, Arnold Wagner, retired. Much of the equipment was made available to me as I was interested in tubes and I couldn’t pass this generator up. I gave it to VHS for the HAM station maybe five years ago now. It was calibrated against a more modern source a few months prior to that. Let it warm up for a bit and it’s (was) rock solid.



I think I had Mr. Wagner as a teacher! I went to Kits for Grade 8 & 9. :slight_smile:


Which means it HAS TO be powered up from time to time. Not so much for the tubes than for the old capacitors…

Especially if it has been >5 years since it has been donated to VHS. Anybody using it since then?

I’ll try to come down this Tuesday (August 15th) and check it against my HP5246L Electronic Counter, the one with 8 (!) Nixies… 8D

Can somebody confirm it is still at VHS, before I lug down my 20kg counter?


Yes it is still here. You can find on shelf it under work bench H. 3D printer aisle next to mirrors.


Thanks, and to Tylsl as well, for confirmation, much appreciated!