VHS Equipment Review 2020: Part 3

Some sort of compressor

Server lids that have been kicking around for ages


Temperature controller - this seems new but there’s no name or anything. I hope someone claims it. Put your name on stuff, people!

Pump. I remember this being donated a few years ago. Never been used since.

More server case parts

Crazy cool X-Y movable camera eyeball - found this squirreled away

Cisco AP (was in with the eyeball)

Not sure what this is

Answering machine?? Why? You guys are killing me here!

Really old digital camera. Looks like it goes with this photo printer.

Toners for the laser printer we’re taking to Free Geek. At least one says empty. Others unclear.


My vote:

Compressor - Free Geek or Zero Waste
Server lids case parts - Free Geek
Answering machine - Free Geek
Digital Camera / Printer - Free Geek
Toners for the old laser - Free Geek


I’d like to check what cartridges my printer takes before those go to freegeek, pls

The pump is a vacuum pump for a holddown table - we definitely want to keep this for when the CNC router is up and running!


Thanks for doing this @lukecyca

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If nobody claims the temp controller, toss it in my box please. I’ll hold it until somebody claims it or the parts get migrated into another project of mine. I do temp stuff now and again, and I can just those parts.

The rest (other than pump, put that by the CNC) TOSS!!!