VHS Equipment Review 2020: Part 2

Leftover cement from machine shop. Do we have a use for this or should we find someone who does?

Old motor from lathe

Mortar mix

Cut up cart. Maybe there’s a plan for this?

Fluorescent fixtures and tubes


Re: cut up cart: @Metal_Janet was planning to turn the two end halves into scrap bins for the wood and metal shops

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The wood shop is going to have an overhaul soon and a lot of stuff is going to either be used or tossed. Just adding extra context to @dbynoe’s above message.

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Paging people who have been involved with some of this stuff. Please let us know what the plan is to use or get rid of this stuff.

Concrete - @Billiam - we’d like to tidy this area now that the CNC is operational.
Old lathe motor @Billiam @rsim
Mortar mix - not sure… @Petetheviking?
Lights - @Davonna

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I’ll find a place for the cement. I have a use for one (or two maybe) of those fluorescent fixtures; I have 3 now for the machine shop, but will look at those to get the best ones.
The tubes that are in a garbage can near the machine shop are likely good, I just didn’t want them rolling around on the floor.

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That can go away, it’s dead. We might want to salvage the cap from it first though, as those are useful to have spares kicking around for repairing other equipment.

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The lights go in the big sign outdoors in front of vhs

This one is hard. Try to save JUST the couple things people have mentioned and bin the rest!

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