VHS electrical upgrade and YOU: please refrain from do-ocracying our electrical infrastructure until further notice

As you may or may not have seen or heard, VHS is undergoing some major electrical upgrades.
We got an awesome electrician, Bobby, working with us.
Bobby has pulled a permit on our behalf for this project.
Which means he is currently responsible for any and all electrical changes happening in the space. If there is any thing you would like to see happen, it would have to happen through him. Ideally they are all posted here:

VHS members should not do-ocracy any thing electrical related while this upgrade is going on or pending inspection, this includes

  • Power distribution
  • Power Outlet
  • permanent Lighting (sign outside included)

If you tripped on a screwdriver, and somehow accidentally, say, changed a permanent light fixture, please notify Bobby, or myself immediately.

Thank you for your understanding.