VHS Auction: Open Red and Black Bowl

Back during the Gallery event I meant to provide a way to do an auction. For the auction, @Stevemopolis provided me with a couple items to auction off. While its a little late, this thread is the auction for the first item Steve provided. It is a beautiful open bowl turned by Steve with a lovely red finish on the bowl and a rough black rim.

To Auction:
Please respond to this thread with the price in CAD you’d like to pay. All proceeds will go to the Vancouver Hackspace. We can collect via whatever method is best for you, and any transfer of items will be done in a contact-free method of your choosing. I’ll close each auction after the bids have appeared to stop by giving one warning post, and if no bids are put in after the warning post, I’ll announce the winner.

This is the bowl you will be bidding on (bananas not included)

A turntable of the bowl so you can see it from every direction.

Let the bidding begin!
(If you want any other info or other specific photos, please let me know in the thread).


I’ll start this off at $5; please bid in reasonable increments :wink:

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$10 from me


$15 here

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$20 from me. Love Steve’s work.


$20 going once… (this is your time to bid more before the auction closes)

My wife has bid $30.


One miiiiiiilllllliiooon do… nope. Gonna bow out. Lucky wife! :slight_smile:

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$30 Going Once… (this is your time to bid more before the auction closes… please feel free to bid more, remember, this is all going to VHS)

$30 going twice (last chance to bid)

Going to out-bid myself, $50!

Also going to close it because, well, its just an extra $20 donation :wink:

I’ll contact myself for delivery. If you have art you’d like to put up for auction, please do so, and feel free to use my format, or improve upon it.


Thanks again to @Stevemopolis for providing this and the cedar turned bowl! Between the two we’ve brought in $110 for VHS!

Do check out the ceramic mug still up for auction!


Steve’s work is so amazing! Really appreciate that he donated this for auction.