VHS About page: add history?


As VHS gets older and membership turns over the story of VHS is being forgotten. The about page barely even list when we got started. Some things that could go there:

  • how it got started
  • original membership size
  • some SFW anecdotes quoted from OG members like lowering the key on a rope, building quadcopters before there were laws, or the time we watched “eternal sunshine” and built a memory erasing machine.
  • our various locations and a photo of what they looked like inside
  • our upward trajectory of success through deceleration. Slowing down to go faster: orbital mechanics for non profits!
  • photo album of BODs
  • current picture of current space


There’s this, linked from the sidebar. Maybe it should be linked from the body of the About page too?




I’m pretty sure I’ve never uploaded these before…


Are there any pictures or stories about the before-45w space?


We actually had two spaces in 45 West. We started on the second floor in a weird little room with a low ceiling, then moved upstairs in the main spot with the elevator kitchen.