Veneered Floating Octogon Lamp Stand

This project was meant to be a 1-day “I dont care” project over christmas time.
Ended up being a 3-day “I somewhat care” project plus a number of additional days for finishing.

Had a 1"x9"x9" chunk of wavy maple and some 3/16" plywood both taking up space at home.
Also had a unique lamp that needed a stand.

Spray-adhesived 3 layers of the 3/16" plywood together to make a 9/16" thick ply, then spray adhesived this to the 1" thick maple block.
Table sawed off the remaining block of maple to leave about a 3/32" thick veneer glued to the plywood, and repeat said process with the remaining offcut maple block to produce several veneered plywood pieces.

Did a bit of sketching and trigonometry to figure out the slope and bevel of each octoganal piece so that they join to create one flat sloped plane on the face (this is a reading light, so I wanted to top of the bulb to be more exposed).

5 minute epoxied the octagon together, with “threaded screw shank” dowels epoxied into loose fitting holes hidden in the miter joints to reinforce them.
Hand sand everything nice and flat on a sanding board and she looks somewhat crisp.

The incandescent lightbulb is quite hot and has started to bubble the finish. Will probably swap it for a bulb with less heat.



You could easily swap the hot bulb for a nice warm led filament style bulb for the same glow with much less heat :slight_smile:

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