Venables Super Happy Hacker House? Date Poll


*Edit, votes are in, it was a tie, so I am going to go with the March 30th, since one member posted that they couldn’t make it on the 6th.

So we have moved in, the space is almost set up (if you ignore the electrical, metal shop, clean room, and woodshop) but its close, like 80-90% there. We need something to give us a kick in the backside to get things polished, organized and actually unpack the remainder of the boxes. This will help make the space functional, and attractive to new members, which we really really need.

To that end, I am proposing holding a Super Happy Hacker House, similar program as before, open house, lightning talks, show and tell, I’ll bring Lester Beaver Pearson down for some electric beaver rides. Good times.

I’d consider this a soft opening, we can do a grand public opening once we have the space completely good to go.

The question is when?
In two weeks is March 30th, three is April 6th.

I figure if we do a group work party next weekend we can have the place ready for the 30th.

*edit - closing this at 7pm on Monday the 18th, if its a tie I am putting it on the 30th so mark can come. *

Vote below:

  • March 30
  • April 6
  • Screw it, lets not finish the set up and let VHS go bankrupt.

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I voted for the 30th, but good for either.


March 30th cause I’m away on the 6th :slight_smile: But really moar parties the better!


Bumping this, I am going to close this at 7pm today, and if its a close tie I am leaning towards the 30th so Mark can come.


I’m not around on the 30th so it would be lovely if it were the 6th. Or the 13th. Can’t push it into the future forever but it would be lovely to have more advance notice than less.


30th would be awesome for me if that works out! I can’t make the 6th or 13th. Thanks for organizing Dave!

Edit: derp - sorry just re-read thread and see its the 30th - so added to calendar.