Venables Parking Permit


I’ve procured a parking permit for the 19th from 9am to 10pm. If you do not have a copy of the permit and you park there, you might get towed. We have two copies of the permit.

A few notes:
If someone could check to see if the signs are up on Friday Morning that would be helpful, if they aren’t up, we need to call the Client Services Center at 604-871-6730. Our permit number is TZ-2019-00154

If the signs are up, please note (in this thread) the license plates of the cars currently parked there. Because the area is unmetered, cars that are parked there when the signs go up are not eligible to be towed.

If someone needs to be towed, we can call parking enforcement at 604-257-8727. Our goal is to not tow anyone. Remember, we want to be good neighbors. Putting this up is an attempt to be a good neighbor. Towing is a last resort.

Below are the parking permits, front and back. They will be dropped off at Venables on the 17th at the turning night. Please do not misplace them, these were not free.


Thanks for taking care of this.

So my understanding is that the city will put up those temporary no-stopping signs on this day? And that no one should park in those locations without posting the permit in their window?


That is correct. The intent is for these spaces to be reserved for the moving trucks. There’s plenty of random parking for non-moving vehicles so for people moving, please park elsewhere. We only have enough space marked off for trucks.