Vancouver Mini Maker Faire - Call for Makers June 10 & 11 2017


Who would like to run the booths at this years Vancouver Mini Maker Faire?



Hey Steve, I would be happy to run the both at this year’s Mini Maker Faire! What would my job entail, and how many hours would it be?


@JayTheDude VHS has 2 booths, The “Learn to Solder” and an “info” booth, which are next to each other (but you need to ask the Maker Faire people to ensure this)
The last 2 years @KevMacD and I have run the info booth and in no particular order we:

filled out the online forms and arranged space and tables
paid the fees (you can ask for reimbursement from VHS, I never bothered)
pestered people to provide examples of projects done at VHS
@KevMacD rented a van to haul stuff to and from
loaded and unloaded the van with help from members at both VHS and maker faire
@TyIsI organized people to man the booth via a google spreadsheet
got t shirts printed up for those on the booths and arranged for VHS to pay 1/2 the cost
setup and broke down the booth with help from members
manned the booth ourselves for the 2 days
ran the 3D printers, displays, LED wall game, makeymakey game and gave away lots of 3d printed stuff
talked to the public about what an awesome place VHS is

We had a lot of members help both days on the booth.



I would be more than happy to help, I believe this would be a cool opportunity!
I would only be interested if there are a couple of people to help run the booth, rather than just myself.



and also @jon who ran the soldering booth last year(s) and before that @JohnC, @TomKeddie and others if memory serves correctly


I ran the year before last’s soldering booth - I had moved away before last year’s, IIRC @Logan_Buchy stepped up and ran last years.

Here’s my post-mortem from the one I ran, if it’s of use to whoever runs this years.


Hey! I’ll help out this year but I won’t be back in Vancouver for a while so I don’t think I should take the lead on this. I’ll be too busy trying to find a place to live.


I think @KevMacD and @TyIsI are heading up the info booth. Anyone want to step up and take the lead on the “Learn to Solder” booth?