Vancouver Makers for Emergency Response & Support

Hey everybody!

There are a bunch of makers around Vancouver that are looking into making face shields for the (medical) frontline here. If you have a 3d printer or other tools/skills available and would like to help, this might be a good cause.

Right now, it’s mostly a Facebook group as everything is getting set up:

There are designs out there that are either being tested or have been field tested and we’re trying to figure out how to get this all going, but the shortage is real and there are makers who would like to make a difference.

Great idea but urgh Facebook?

Not able to see that page (I don’t have a Facebook account) but this sounds like a great idea!

Prusa Printers:


My brother sent me this collection of projects:

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Yeah, FB seemed like the lowest hanging fruit to many at the moment.

We’re currently reviewing a few designs and seeing if we can adapt them to something more easily manufacturable


I reached out to CRP!

As digital thermometers are now scarce, I’ve order an MLX90614 thermal IR sensor which should arrive today. Not accurate enough to tell me I’m ovulating, but hopefully it can prove useful in fever detection in my co-housing building. Probably house it in Lego to avoid wrestling with my 3D printer, although if someone wants to collaborate, that might be a nifty way to productively self-isolate. Lemme know; my skilz are rusty and lethargic. Finally my idle RPis could have a real job.