V-Day workshop planning


Hey folks,

I was blathering about easy, public-welcoming build-stuff workshops before… Since Valentine’s Day is coming up, I thought I should put some money where my mouth is.

I ordered:

  • 15 of these (5 each of red, white and blue)
  • 5 of these – they have an acrylic case, if we get really ambitious we could laser custom names and messages on them.

With expedited shipping they should be here on time. I was thinking Sunday Feb. 10th for a workshop, WDYT?


thanks for planning ahead.
If you like, i can go ahead and set up a meetup event where there are limited participants


we can have two workshops. one for the 15 quick to solder up kits.
another as couples thing. where they can collab on soldering and laser cutting? one on a saturday night and one on sunday or something?


Just a heads up - it is possible but highly unlikely that the laser cutter will be back in service by the 10th.


Do those boards require flux? I’m guessing no. I ask 'cause we are a bit low/most of our flux pens are a bit crap right now, but I’m guessing we don’t need to pick any up. We have lots of solder. We also have tip cleaner to spruce up the irons in advance.

@Arrgh this is awesome. Thanks for putting this on.


@Arrgh so are those most likely going to arrive? i want to get the social media and the event page up soon if we are going to run it.
what do you want to change for it


Here’s an idea for the Mullet:



It all shipped on the 24th with expedited shipping, I’d rather not create the event until the gear arrives though… I’ll pipe up as soon as I have more information. :slight_smile:


Kits have arrived! The simpler ones look like they’ll take about an hour for a semi-skilled solderer; the bigger ones are fairly complex


Let’s plan to run the simpler ones.