URGENT! Funding a new metal lathe for VHS TODAY

Awesome, thank you @Pat and @Ivan_Erasmus! I’ll DM you details.

The new lathe is already at VHS, but is still on a pallet jack, and the old lathe has been moved out, and is also sitting on a pallet jack in the DMZ temporarily.

From initial inspection, the new lathe is in amazing condition. It looks like it’s been barely used, but has been stored for quite some time so needs a deep cleaning and oiling. This is going to be a great asset for members - THANK YOU EVERYONE!

Cost wise, the riggers were $300, the pallet jack (x2) and crowbar (x3) rentals were $122, and we may have an additional $300 if we have to move the old lathe too (TBD).

$402.40 + $50 (Pat) + $75 (Ivan) = $527.40
$527.40 - $300 - $122 = $105.40 towards getting it up and running!

Please note that the machine shop is OUT OF ORDER right now unfortunately.


Sorry for the inconvenience, but it’s incredibly dangerous as the lathe is very easy to tip in its current state. VERY EASY.

Here’s the arrival:

And getting accustomed to its new home:


While I agree with this for the lathe purchase, we need to do some backwards accounting because this isn’t a current policy of VHS.

Can someone propose we fund this amount at the next QGM for this purchase so nobody is caught holding the bag? I don’t want to be the wet sock on this one, it is absolutely awesome this got funded, let’s just get the funding resolved.


I’m too lazy to look it up right now, but IIRC I was the one who proposed this policy and it was passed, so I’m pretty sure it’s still valid. :wink:


great find! I’ll throw 50 bucks at this as well.


VHS has a budget now, and it does not include any line item for “30% matching on tool purchases” so from a practical point of view, there is no budget allocation from which this money would come from.

This budget was passed at the December 2021 QGM and I clarified in that discussion that the budget (necessarily) supersedes and replaces any previous spending policies.

So there is no 30% matching policy any more. However, the current budget does provide $500/yr for the machine shop, which can be used at the discretion of the machine shop committee (for this lathe purchase, transportation, removal of the old one, etc.).


So my read on this thread is

Cost: 1905.10
Riggers: 300 for delivery
Riggers: 300 for removal of old lathe
Pledged: 1775 + 50 + 75 + 50 = 1950
Machine Shop budget: 500 (potential)

Status: 1905.10 + 300 + 300 - 500 - 1950 = 55.10

Can VHS come up with another $55.10 based on the sale of the old lathe? We were going to sell it right? Any further excess from the sale should be used to replenish the Machine Shop maintenance budget with the remaining going back to VHS making this purchase a win for everyone.


Lathe is on loan, so it just has to be returned (and maybe some stuff fixed) but yeah, sure, I’m in for $55.10


I’m sure glad that someone is keeping track of what’s on loan.

Thanks for keeping things things straight Jarrett, and thanks for the last $55.10. Hopefully there’s not too much to be fixed on the current one before it’s returned.

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Not really feasible to use the full $500 maintenance budget for purchase. I expect there will be also be some costs bringing the new lathe online whether that be tooling or 4 jaw chuck etc. So if folks are still inclined to donate it will still help.


I’m on the assumption that there are people like myself who are awaiting training for the machining lathe where training fees can help offset some of the costs on bringing in the new lathe. So eventually overtime i think those costs will eventually be paid out.


Like to chip on $50 to the lath paying portion of VHS cost, can I etransfer?
message me privately how.