UpDog (machine learning quadruped)

I like to simulate robots before I build them. While trying to learn more about Unity I’ve also been playing around with Machine Learning. They have a few examples for things like crawling creatures and even things that walk on two legs. I thought I’d try my hand at a quadruped. I’ve seen lots of 4-legged walkers and some clever motion planning but I’ve never seen serious fall recovery. So! The goal is to get it to roll over and stand up. After a month of fiddling with hyper parameters, experimenting with the simulation design, and waiting around while it tries to learn… I’m ready to throw in the hat. I haven’t been able to teach it to do a damn thing.

If you’re interested in seeing what I got, maybe telling me what I did wrong… here’s the whole project.


My friend is high up at Unity, sent him this post… maybe you will get a call

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Alex from Ahead.io came to VHS to show off Stanley.

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