Updated: Please donate to help us buy a new projector for VHS


Heyo - if you happen to upgrade your projector over xmas this year, please consider donating the old one to VHS. Our current projector is super old and so is the bulb in it.Having a projector helps us run workshops. Anything more up to date than our current projector with a working bulb and HDMI would be ideal. If you have a potential donation please post here.



My supplier of used computers etc has Sony VPL-CW275 and Sony VPL-FH31 - getting pricing on them.
Would either work for us? I don’t have time today to check the specs of them


Both of those look great to me thanks Steve for looking into pricing.


So we have the potential to buy a shiny previously enjoyed projector with HDMI. It’s 300 bucks plus tax. Please donate if you can. I’m in for 20 bucks.

Here are the specs on the projector. Thanks to @steveroy for getting in touch with his used equipment supplier.



I was going to donate a Viewsonic PJ359W but when talking about I was told that we already have a projector and that he was going to strip mine for parts, so I kept it. If it will be used for it’s intended purpose then I will drop it off on Sunday, just say where I should leave it. I have not used it in about 3 years but it did work and is in great shape.It comes with an HDMI cable plus extension HDMI cable, Standard 15 pin monitor cable and a nice speaker.

Let me know. .


Here is a review.


Thank you! Your donation is awesome!


I don’t understand why we would ever turn down an upgrade to existing hardware. Thanks @TankGuy


First off I just want to thank @TankGuy for his ViewSonic donation offer.

I had a quick look at the above two links for the projectors in question.

One is the Sony VPL-FH31 and the other is ViewSonic PJ359w. FWIW This is not an exhaustive review and my opinion only.

Some quick comparisons:

Sony - 4300 Lumens
ViewSonic - 2,000 lumens

Sony Resolution - 1920x1200
ViewSonic Resolution - 1280 x 800

Sony Lamp Time - 3,000-4,000 hours
ViewSonic LampTIme - 2000-3000 hours

Acoustic Noise
Sony 30dB
ViewSonic 37-44db

Lamp Replacement Cost
Sony $217 Cad Projector Lamps World link
ViewSonic $181 Cad Projector Lamps World link

Looking at the specs the Sony comes at a $300 purchase costs vs the donated (free) Viewsonic.

The Sony has a larger resolution and brighter (more than double) screen. It is quieter and has about 1000 hours more on the lamp life than the Viewsonic.

While I believe that free is always good I am a believer that in certain situations providing a better viewer/presenter experience can be beneficial and I believe in this case the Sony will provide a better viewing and quieter projector for presenters to talk.

So I am happy to donate $30 toward the purchase of the Sony.

If it is decided that we will take the Viewsonic then my thanks to TankGuy!



Ok I will bring it in on Sunday morning, Should I leave it with somewhere or put a name on it?


Have we kicked the can at FreeGeek or BC Technology for Learning? I will ask the later but anyone have a relationship at the former?


Thanks @tankguy for the offer, much appreciated.

Since the offer from Steve has come up, I’d love to see us take advantage of this opportunity and pick up the newer Sony if we can raise the funds. I have not kicked the can at FreeGeek or BC Technology - good idea @chadleaman. This is a rabbit hole I fell into. :slight_smile:


As long as the lumens and type of the lamp match, it can be replaced by a generic equivalent, even a brand name generic should not be expensive…
That’s how the projector comanies make money, selling replacement parts & accessories.


I think we should take Greg @TankGuy up on his offer and also try fund a new one.
I won’t commit to buying the Sony from my supplier until we have more funds committed - I don’t want to buy it now and end up owning it.


Alrightly - let’s take @tankguy’s for now and fundraise separately. Thanks Greg - if you could please bring it in and leave it in the member’s area labelled VHS until someone sets it up that would be great. Much appreciated!

Thanks everyone. Great discussion here. Nice to see us upgrade in advance before the projector dies outright. Also good to know about non-oem bulbs. :slight_smile:

Also thank you @steveroy for looking into that from your supplier. Much appreciated.


Just a reminder that any equipment donated to VHS should have a Champion/Stakeholder.

The donee (@TankGuy) is by default the Champion unless they arrange with someone else to take on this role.

As a Champion for a particular piece of equipment you should:

  1. Fill out a copy of the VHS Donation form and email it to "directors@vanhack.ca"
  2. create a VHS Wiki page entry using this WIKI template for the equipment being donated
  3. Set up the equipment for/at VHS and make sure that is it is functioning.
  4. Be the main point of contact for for fixing/repairing this equipment.




Ok It is resting against the box holding up the older projector.


Thank you!!!


New projector is mounted and ready to go:

New photo by Vilas Rao

I’ve moved the old one to the monitor shelf.

Thanks again to @TankGuy.