Update VHS's Google Maps Designation from "Learning Centre" to "Coworking Space"?


Hi all,

When I ran tours, a frequent question I got from folks was “Do you run courses?”

I thought it was odd that it came up so frequently until I noticed the annotation in Google Maps:


Can we get this changed to match the Vancouver CoLab of Coworking Space?


I think it better describes VHS.



IMO I think it’s better for both Organizations to keep them distinct.

People confuse the Colab with VHS now when I talk with them. So we will not doing either org any favours by creating similarities in Google Search


Maybe coworking space isn’t the correct designation, but neither is learning centre…


how about “Maker Space”


Just added it to OpenStreetMap - as best I could


Some others:

Fraser Valley MakerSpace
Social club


Makerspace Nanaimo
Community center


i like a community centre / toolroom as a designation.
ideally, google would have added maker space as a category already


Artisans Asylum and the Kamloops Makerspace are listed as “Non profit organization” which is bland but accurate.


I’ve tried updating it to Makerspace, but it keeps being reset to Learning Center. I’m not sure if that’s someone passive-aggressively doing it, or Google rejecting it for unknown reasons…


Would it be a bad idea for a bunch of people to suggest that edit?


I just tried updating it to:

Additional Catagories:
Learning Centre
Co-working Space

It’s pending review. We’ll see if it sticks


Oh, that worked…

We’re a Makerspace now.

Everyone ok with that?


I searched for makerspaces in Google Maps and surveyed several dozen

It looks like the Google Map categories are pretty limited:

Art & history museum with studio space

Art center

Arts organization

Association or organization

Community center

Community College

Coworking Space

Education center

Educational Institution

Laser cutting service

Non-Profit Organization


Technical school

Technical service

University department

Youth organization


Just call it Bike Shed. :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: I’m totally joking of course lol. Makerspace is great! I know it doesn’t exactly describe us since we are teh hackspace but it’s what folks will recognize out their on the Web.


EEK the pics have to be updated…

and this review… :slight_smile:

Jill roberson
1 review

★★★★★ 2 years ago

I wanted to check this place out after it was recommended to me. A guy stinking of BO, came up to me as soon as I arrived and would not leave me alone. My friend showed up later to save me from him. Not a great place.


Please feel free to leave a review of your amazing experiences at VHS! :slight_smile:

Or add photos!


Ahhh Yes. Jill Roberson. Quite the prolific google reviewer.