Upcoming Dates for Laser Training May 2nd

:sparkles: Laser Training :sparkles: for Women and Non-Binary Folks :sparkles:

Training usually runs for about 1.5 hour.

This training is required to be able to use the laser cutter. We will go through safety, setup, and all the things you should know to get you started on your laser cutting journey.

For my own comfort level, his event is limited to 3 students each slot and if you can wear a mask, that’ll be greatly appreciated. Don’t worry if you miss this one, we will run more training in the future. Reply to this thread to save your spot.

Bring a vector .dxf file or an .svg file and we can laser cut something after the training! Looking forward to meeting everyone and hearing about your ideas.

The cost of training is $30 which will go towards keeping the laser functional.

Completion of the training will grant access to the use of the laser cutter, and you must be a VHS member to use the laser cutter once trained.

You can drop cash in the donation box, e-Transfer to directors@vanhack.ca, or make a donation via PayPal on Membership - Vancouver Hack Space 1.

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I want to attend this one! Does it have to be in the middle of the day? (I work in New West so if it could be at the beginning or end of the day it’s a little easier to schedule around for work)

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Hi! I think you may be the only one; do you happen to be free on Thursday? I’ll pm you


Any idea when the next Laser training will be?


Hey! This month is really packed so I may not be able to train, but I’ve reached out to the LLC and we’ll find someone available to train :slight_smile:

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Great. Thank you!