Up-cycling woodshop sawdust

Hi All:

VHS has an awesome woodwork shop!

Increased woodshop usage means lots of generated sawdust. This sawdust is currently being sent to to landfill via the dumpster.

Some members have been brain-storming ways to reduce the environment impact by up-cycling this sawdust.

If you have any ideas please comment here or come to the VHS slack woodworking channel.

Member @Ben.c suggested to “Use sawdust and wax to make fire starters for camping”

It appears that this would require a 1:1 -ish ratio of a waxy material suitable for burning.

With this in mind, does anyone know of a free or near-free source of bulk wax in Vancouver?

It is possible that somehow VHS collects scrap wax?

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Member @JohnC mentioned creating wood pellets (Bio-fuel). Does anyone have any experience with this?

Member @TristanL suggested looking for ways to make cheap fire bricks.

Could also try putting it on craigslist for free.

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Compost bin material?


I empty my dust collector bin into the city compost bin.


Suspended wood particles in PLA filament?

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If we manage to keep the sawdust pretty separated from everything else and away from any potential sparks, sawdust is pretty great for cleaning up grease and oil spills on shop floors - maybe useful or could have a use to have some in case of accidents?

That or do we know any old school pubs that want good ol’ sawdust on the floor?