Turning Meteorite Into Sand


I have a kilogram of meteorite (not heavy iron) and I want to have it turned into a coarse sand preferably of roughly even size. My meteorite supplier suggested going to an assay lab but I’m not sure of who to go to or what to ask them other than “hey here is my rock, can you turn this into sand?”.

Anyway, whenever I am stuck on an issue where it seems so random that no one would have done before like this VHS seems to always have some guy who has done something remarkably similar.


Can you try the “ore breaking method”:
Put it in a tumbler (rotating barrel) with iron balls (and progressively get smaller)?


You should be able to fairly easily make yourself(or buy/borrow!) a ball mill. There are some other rock crushing tools that are similar, too. Whether or not it works for your meteorite kinda depends on the iron content, and what happens to the iron in a ball mill, though.