Trotec Laser Material

I haven’t ordered from here yet, so I can’t speak to the actual price of shipping and how they are to deal with, but I managed to get ahold of their catalog and prices and figured for transparency it should be made available here (if anyone from Trotec is here to complain, I really hate companies hiding their prices.). These prices are as of Oct 22 2020, so things might change. They have a location in Langley I believe.


Woods-Silver-2020.pdf (466.8 KB) Laserable Materials-Silver-2020.pdf (353.4 KB) Metals-2020.pdf (617.2 KB) Accessories-2020.pdf (912.3 KB) Acrylic-Silver-2020.pdf (334.0 KB)


I’ve bought a few things from them, it’s pretty decent stuff but definitely on the pricier side of things.

I will say that their color selection and inventory are phenomenal though. A lot of other acrylic suppliers I’ve dealt with typically carry white/black/clear and rarely carry any actual real colors. I got super annoyed when I went to Robertson Plastics and they gave me one of those rings of sample tags, but realistically out of like 40 tags, they only had maybe 6 and said I’d have to order 4x8 sheets of anything else with huge leadtimes.

Trotec pretty much has every item in their catalog on site. They had a very nice library/organizer with everything. Part of it is because their largest size is 4x2 so they can inventory more variety.

Quality wise, it’s decent stuff, what i’ve worked with has a bit more flex than regular acrylic.

The two-tone stuff needs a bit more care to etch. A tip that worked for me that I read on another forum was to turn off the air assist, moreso if you’re using an analog laser that isn’t capable of high frequency pulsing.