Tree-cutting & potential free wood

Hey, all wood workers, large conifers (pine or fir) are being cut down at 533 Cottonwood Avenue in Coquitlam (just east of North Road).
Those are large trunks, at least 18" in diameter, getting cut down. The 10ft long pieces of trunks will be left onsite. I spoke with the demolition company. They want to get the okay from the general contractor. I think they are concerned about traffic in front of what will become a demolition site in short order. Stay tuned.

Edit June-23: I am following up with Anthem Properties, the developers of the site.

Well, Anthem Developments never bothered to get back to me. I ended up speaking with an on-site project manager who said that the tree trunks were already spoken for. The largest trees will become slabs for tabletops and the rest of the smaller trees will also not go to waste.

All good. That’s about 5 minutes away from my place, your hood too? There is a few of us East Burnaby / Burquitlam folks!


W00t! Yup. Just next door.

The big stuff is all gone. There are branches still left that might be turned into small boxes or carved.