Toy Hack - Next Wed Feb 13


The Makers Making Change crew was hoping to run a toy hack on Wednesday Feb 13 at the hackspace.

Essentially, it is adding a mono switch to a toy to allow alternate input switch. Helps kiddos with limited hand / arm movement to turn on toys, teaching cause and effect.

I have a bunch of toys - will be holding onto them to use as part of event in March. But of course, if people want they can bring their own and take their own.

We can bring the soldering irons etc.

Question: is the space ready enough to have a bunch of people soldering? I will (again) be getting off a plane and coming straight there.


Chad I think you’ll be in good shape. Looking forward to seeing you MMC at the space. I sent you a few pics so you can see the place. I’d personally be okay running an electronics workshop in there. I’m not sure if power is setup yet to the electronics benches yet but in a pinch you could use some extension cords.

The space is still a bit jumbled/being unpacked but that just feels very “hackspace” to me.


Chad also if you need any help from VHSers on the night let us know. I know you’ll be bringing irons and of course we have some you can use at VHS. Do you need flux? I ask because I’m pretty sure our supplies are a bit low.

Also let me know if I should add it to the VHS calendar.


Okay, it is on the meetups!

Also on eventbrites!

And Google Calendar, and MMC website…


Woo! That’s great. I’ll be in on Monday or Tuesday to check on soldering supplies/bench top clearage etc.


@chadleaman It’s added to meetup on Monday - the event is Wed thought right?


Doh! Thanks @Janet fixed now!


Awesome! Thanks (was just thinking…ooo better get up there tonight to tidy a little - thanks for my reprieve :D)


bump This event is tonight!

We have a dozen toys, on a range of complexity, to switch adapt tonight to allow alternate inputs. Will order in some food, and will be working on toys found here:



Woo! This will be great. @chadleaman you may have to run extension cords to the bench and table area but you should be good. When you get in it’ll be chilly so turn up the heat a bit - unless you are tougher than me. :smiley:


Thanks as always everyone. 10 toys adapted to enable alternate switch inputs, though my favorite was the bubble blower


Really great event Chad and fun projects! Great to have MMC at the space and I hope to see more toy-modifying events at VHS down the road.


Awesome @chadleaman, great to hear the event went well!


I was only able to be there for a short while, but it was one of the most inspiring things I’ve seen. Thanks Chad for running the workshop, and for the awesome project!



Totally agree. I was sad I had to run off. I’m definitely in for the next event.