Touchdesigner study group


I’m a big fan of touchdesigner. It’s a node based visual programming language for making visuals, things like projection mapping. And it’s made in Canada! Anyhooo… if you’re into it too, there’s a group of people who meet up and zone on it together. Vancouver touchdesigner study group. No structure, no speakers or schedule. Just a bunch of nerds who get together to make stuff in the same room. The next one is on June 27th.


Looks like “LabVIEW” for Animation and Multimedia?

(LabVIEW: Graphical Programming Language for Instrument Control & Data Acquisition: $$$$)


Yes, also similar to max msp, but it’s closest relative is the software Houdini which is widely used in the visual effects industry.


Thank you, does this study group require prior 3D experience in Blender or Maya (is it for total newbies to 3D and visual effects)?


There’s no requirements, it’s just a place for people who like doing a thing to do it together. There’s no structure.


Thank you!