Tools for sale


I have a few surplus tools that I no longer use and are taking up valuable space in my workshop. Click on the links for full descriptions, photos and pricing.

Sakura ScrollMate 14" Scroll Saw - $200
Powersonic 12" Disc Sander - $100 - sold
Port-A-Mate Portable Mitre Saw Stand - $50 - sold


Those are awesome btw. Looks like you’ve sold some of it, but if we had more space I would have picked up some of that.

I hope the space in your workshop is being filled by something exciting!


@mike - My new (to me) toy. 900 pound behemoth loaded with Oneway accessories like a deep hollowing rig, vacuum chucking system, bowl coring system and a few large Vicmarc chucks. No place to put my turning tools now so I have to make a portable, rolling tool stand.