Tool Donations to the Welding Shop

Member @rsim has donated some very handy tools to the Welding Shop!

A big thank you to Richard for making the space better for everyone!

From Richard via VHS Slack Welding Channel

hi everyone - I’ve dropped off a bunch of things in the welding shop yesterday. Please let me know if anything isn’t wanted and I’ll rehome it! I’d been accumulating these things for a while as I found them on sale, so sorry for the dump!

Tungsten grinder attachment + a rotary tool to use it. It’s a cheapy, but hopefully works decently enough. The attachment has holes at fixed angles to a diamond wheel, so you can be sure you get the exact angle you want on your tungstens, and also has a cutoff slot.

More magnets, both big and small. 4 of each.

Speed squares. The red ones and the largest silver one (the 3 small engineering squares are in the machine shop). The 3 smaller red ones are so 1 can be kept pristine, 1 can have its corner relieved to clear welds, and 1 can be cut down to a smaller size for tiny projects. The large silver square is nice and accurate, but should also have its corner relieved appropriately (but please be careful, we want squares to be square!) (edited)

A better magnetic tig torch holder and cable relief stand - to take up the weight of the torches cables so it’s not quite so cumbersome. A quick test and I really liked it!